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Meet our host:
Orshi McNaughton, FDN-P


I'm Orshi McNaughton, I am a former fitness entrepreneur turned biohacker. I have owned multiple fitness facilities in Southern California and for over a decade worked with thousands of women on exercise and nutrition to build healthier bodies and ultimately healthier minds and lives. During this time in the fitness industry I became increasingly frustrated with the fact that there was a lot of women that worked so incredibly hard yet were not seeing great results, partially because they were dealing with hormonal imbalances, they were burned out, they were zapped of energy, they were not sleeping well and often were dealing with anxiety and other health issues. This is how I ended up going down the rabbithole of biohacking to find the answers to help these women... and I realized that we needed a much more comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing women’s health.    

That’s why I put this event together.  I’m passionate about helping women improve their health so they can show up more powerfully for their families, friends and careers.