September 14 - 16, 2023

Level up your mindset and health with cutting edge tools and strategies

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Previous Speakers Include

Learn the newest innovations, biohacks, and technology—so you can start taking control of YOUR own health.

We’re covering the most groundbreaking innovations in the fields of:


Strength Training • Muscle Building
• Athletic Performance


Anti-Aging Protocols • Peptides
• Stem Cells


Supplements • Lab Testing • EMFs
• Quantification • Psychedelics


Stress Management • Brain Training
• Breathwork • Meditation


Fertility • Hormonal Health
• Sexual Optimization • Pelvic Health


Weight Management • Body Composition • Intermittent Fasting

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This is for all women who want to know better, feel better, and live better.

Whether you are just entering the world of biohacking or thriving there…

If you want to step into your most powerful self

This event is for YOU.

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