Optimized Women: Hormone & Cellular Reset

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey with Orshi McNaughton as she shares her wealth of insights gathered from interviewing over 100 experts in the realm of female health optimization.

In this exclusive session, you'll gain profound knowledge about the primary concerns facing women aged 35 and above. Orshi will delve deep into critical topics, including cellular health, gut health, and detoxification, unveiling their pivotal roles in achieving hormonal optimization and overall metabolic well-being. Discover the keys to enhancing mental capacity, boosting energy levels, and fortifying your stress resilience—the very elements that high-performing women aspire to achieve. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of female health optimization and embark on a path toward a more vibrant and empowered you. 

Saturday, 16 September 2023
09:00 AM PDT

Webinar Session has ended now.

About the Speaker:

Orshi McNaughton, FDN-P, BCHHP

Orshi is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and the Host of the Annual Women's Biohacking Conference. In her practice, she uses functional lab testing and data-driven protocols to restore her clients to full health without medication.

Saturday, Sept 16th @ 9:00am PT