We are incredibly proud to join forces with some of the most pioneering partners in support of the Women's Biohacking Conference, a unique virtual summit dedicated to championing female voices in the typically male-centric sphere of biohacking.

Their substantial financial backing has been crucial in transforming this outstanding event into a freely accessible platform, thereby democratizing knowledge on health optimization through the lens of women's health. We wholeheartedly invite you to delve into their remarkable offerings.

We Help Women Harmonize Hormones, Optimize Metabolism, and Revitalize Gut Health to Unleash Their Full Potential and Thrive in Every Aspect of Life

We invite you to attend one of our LIVE sessions below:

Register for one of our live master classes during the event



Home to the largest, private DNA methylation database in the world, TruDiagnostic is a leading health data company and laboratory that specializes in epigenetic testing.

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Designed to deliver the cellular benefits of fasting, Mimio activates your own biology to clean, repair, and protect your cells. In addition, Mimio helps enhance your healthspan by supporting: Optimal Metabolism & Energy Levels Mood & Mental Clarity Relief from Everyday Aches & Pains Balanced Inflammatory Responses. Use promo code WC10 10% off your first 3 months subscription.

Biohackers Magazine is the first magazine about Biohacking and Self Optimization. We are committed to bringing you all the essential updates from the World Biohacking Community and sharing positive tips, tricks, and trends to help improve yourself inside and out.

Vivarays help health seekers experience the freedom, flow, and vitality of living in rhythm with nature's light and dark cycles. They do this with science-backed tools that eliminate artificial light from reaching people’s eyes. Their primary solutions are circadian-light harmonizing glasses that align with nature’s healthy light. Use promo code WBC10 to save 10% off site-wide.